SF-80 SF-90 SF-100 SF-112

SF-160 SF-180  
Features of AENY servomotors
* High dynamical response :
  The induction-type servomotor doesn't use permanent magnets. The high relation between torque and inertia-together with a low secondary reactance of the rotor-enables high dynamical performances with considerable acceleration and deceleration available over all speed ranges.
* Operational gradually :
  The variation of speed is obtained through absolute stable rotary motion and servo-action by maintaining the torque ripple very low over entire speed range, since the torque is generated by a high-density flux with perfect magnetic distribution drived from the induced sinusoidal current.  
* Excellent relation between maximum and rated torque :
  The AENY servomotor enables a high relation between current peak and rated current so to enable high rates of maximum torque. Furthermore, the servomotors present an extremely favorable relation between torque and volume / weight which permits compact applications and best use of the available space.
* Sturdy & simple construction not requiring maintenance :
  Since the AENY servomotors do not have permanent magnets, there's no risk of demagnetization, of breakage due to fragility from vibrations or impacts, especially for the servomotors used on moving machines. Moreover, they do not need any position detector, because the direction of magnetic flux is determined by the current. The use of encoder on the motor axis enables controlling of the speed and is a valid answer where accuracy, repeatability, and positioning control are required. The struct theretore is extremely simple, sturdy & reliable and does not require any maintenance, since there are no collectors, carbon-brushes or magents.
AENY servomotors and Output / Rated Speed Table
Frame Output Rated speed
80MA 0.75 1 2000
80MB 1.1 1.5 2000
90MA 1.5 2 2000
90MB 2.2 3 2000
90L 3.7 5 2000
100LA 3.7 5 2000
100LB 5.5 7.5 2000
112L 7.5 10 2000
112XA 11 15 2000
112XB 15 20 2000
132MA 15 20 2000
132MB 18.5 25 2000
132L 22 30 2000
160S 30 40 2000
160M 37 50 2000
160L 45 60 2000
160X 55 75 2000
180S 75 100 1500
180M 90 120 1500
180L 110 150 1500
* Class H insulation is provided as a standard as well as encoder, 1024 ppr, and thermal protector.
* Motor type of F#80 ~ F# 90 is vertical.
* Motor type of F#100 ~ F#132 is both vertical and horizontal.
* There are low inertia types for 3.7Kw and 1.5Kw on request.
* All the motors are built in IP54 protection and balancing according to ISO2373 grade R.
Typical application fields
The wide range of servomtors combined with the respective drivers satisfies the most different and multiple application purposes, so to enable optimum motordrives for industrial machinery and robots. The AENY servomotors are addressd to applications where absolute reability, absence of any maintenance, positioning accuracy, high perormances and velocity are requireed.
Some applications fields as an example:
* Iron & steel processing machines * Slitting & rewinding machines
* Plastic extruder machines * Plastic / Rubber injection machines
* Paper making and processing machines * Conugated card board & box processing machines
* Printing machines * Packing machines
* CNCcontrolled machines tools * Food & beverage processing machines
* Textile machines * Dyeing & stamping machines
* Bag & can making machines * Automotive industry
* General industrial machinery