1.Waterproof Lighting
Highly enclosed features, waterproof lighting head, tempered glass, and Teflon wires, avoid any water or oil entering into the illumination head, which enables the lamps ideally used on a machine where powerful lubricant or cooling liquid is applied. Suit for severe environment.
2.Superior Lighting
Halogen lamp and low voltage circuit each assures of high illuminance and safety.
3.Study Construction: Light arm is extruded from aluminum material, anode treated for scratch prevention. The elbow and base are made of engineering plastic, durable and well resistant to electric shock and high temperature. Extremely light in weight.
4.Heat Dissipation: Exclusively designed illuminating head with two shades for fast heat dissipation that maintains constantly low temperature lighting, and gives extensive bulb service life. Outer shade is made of engineering plastic to isolate heat conduction.
5.Convenient Adjustment: Concentrated light source provides high intensity and high efficiency lighting. Multi-position swiveling base and articulated arms permit positive and convenient adjustment to any lighting direction. Various arm lengths are available.
6.Upon request: Lamp without switch is available upon request.
7.Entirely Waterproof: The columned articulation arm provides a wide adjustment direction as well as waterproof function. Device of waterproof case in the HSC series base is available to protect against water and coolants interfering wire connections. (See Picture 008)
8.Elegant Appearance: The smooth, slim-line, and classic appearance will create elegant visual effect on your machine tool, or attractive tone in your home or office. Various mounting methods.
9.Supply Voltage: 12V or 24V. Safety class: III
10.Choices of Supply
With built-in winding transformer (See Picture 009) suited for 120V/230V. Safety class: II. Separate transformers are available.
11.Quality Guarantee: In accordance with EN/EEC/CE regulations.
12.Enclosure Type: IP65