Heavy Duty CNC Rotary Table / MRNC - 500 / 630 / 800 / 1650
  1.Worktable diameter 500mm. (Vertical and Horizontal applications)
2.Dual lead worm drive for greater transmission torque.
3.Hydraulic clamping system assures powerful clamping.
4.Minimum indexing angle of 0.001o .
5.Reduced motorguard is available.
Worktable diameter @ 500mm
Table height(horizontal position) 300mm
Table center height(vertical position) 310mm
Overall height(vertical position) 565mm
Spindle hole diameter 50mm
Center bore diameter 50(H7)mm
T-Slot size 18(H7)mm
Guide block size 18(H7)mm
Number of worm gear teeth 90
Servo motor
(brand / model appliable)
Speed reduction ratio 1/180
Minimum input increment 0.001o
Table rotation speed 16.6r.p.m(motor 3000r.p.m)
Clamp torque & Clamp method (kg-m) 250(hydraulic pressure 35kg/cm2)
Cumulative indexing accuracy 15"
Repeatablity 4"
Load capacity(kg) Horizontal 600kg
Vertical 250kg
Allowable inertia force 185.2kg-cm-sec2
Max torque capacity of worm gear 250kg-m
Allowable work piece diameter  500
Net weight ( motor excluded) 458kg
*Optional Accessories : Manual tailstock, hydraulic power unit pneumatic/ hydraulic converter, "Pioneer" single axis controller, manual chuck, hydraulic chuck, and flange.
*Note : "N" means shortened motor cover. Contact us for shortened sheet metal drawings.