CNC Index Table / MINC - 255 / 320 / 400
  1. Worktable diameters 255, 320, 400m. (Vertical and horizontal
@ applications)
2. CNC gear coupling rotary table.
3.Exclusive 3-piece coupling suits heavy duty machineing.
4.Indexing accuracy 5 seconds.
5.Hydraulic braking system. Minimum indexing angle 1o or 5o .
MINC-255 / 255 N*
Indexing angle 1o or 5o
Worktable diameter 255
Table height(Horiz.) 195
Center height(Vert.) 160
Dia. of center bore. 40 H7
Through hole dia. 33
Width of T-slot 12 H7
Width of guide block 18 H7
Servo motor FANUC 4i
Meldas HF-53T
Total reduction ratio 1/120
Max RPM 33.3(motor 4000r.p.m)
Clamping force (kg) 300(hydraulic pressure 35kg/cm2)
Load capacity Vertical 300 kg
Horizontal 125 kg
Allowable turntable torque 250kg-m
Accuracy of indexing 5"
Net Weight 115kg

NOTE : The length of servo motor guard plate varies with different servo motore.
"N" means shortened motor cover. Contact us for shortened sheet metal drawings.