CNC Rotary Table / BRNC - 320 / 400
  1. Worktable diameter Ø320, Ø400 mm.
2. Motor is mounted at the right.
3.Exclusive dual lead worm drive.
4.Wholly circular hydraulic locking system.
5.Big hole rotary table.
Worktable diameter @ 320mm
Table height ( Horizontal ) 220mm
Center height ( Vertical )@ 210mm
Overall height 385mm
Through-hole diamenter 100
Center bore diameter 100 H7
T - slot size 14 H7
Guide block size 18 H7
Number of worm Gear teeth 72
Servo motor
(brand / model appliable)
12i HF-203S
Speed reduction ratia


Minimum input increment 0.001o
Table roation speed 16.6r.p.m. (Motor 3000 r.p.m.)
Clamp torque & Clamp mentod 85kg-m(hydraulic pressure 35kg/cm2)
Cumulative indexing accuracy 20"
Repeatability 4"
Allowable load capacity Horizontal 350kg
Vertical 150kg
Allowable inertia force 38.5kg-cm-sec2
Allowable turntable torque 78kg-m
Allowable workpiece diameter 320
Net Weight ( motor exclude ) 170kg

NOTE : "N" means shortened sheet metal. Contact us for shortened sheet metal drawings.