TYPE: Unclamp Cylinder
Tool specification: 120*17L
Booster force : 5000kg~6600kg
Stroke : 20mm
Outs requirement : 45~60kg/cm2
Apply: 50#
TYPE: Unclamp Cylinder
Tool specification: 90*16L
Booster force : 2700kg~4200kg
Stroke : 16mm
Outs requirement : 45~60kg/cm2
Apply: 40#
Hydraulic Clamping-unclamping Cylinder:
It is made of high-density cast iron and seamless steel pipe in providing stronger strength and leakage free. The unclamping hammering block is designed in adjustable screw for higher flexibility. The hydraulic clamping-unclamping cylinder can be matched with booster. It supply a non-hydraulic environment. Only need pneumatic source.