Inquiry Form - SPINDLE
a.) Company name
b.) Company character Manufacturer
Trading company
Engineering company
End user / Buyer
c.) Mr. Ms.
d.) Name
e.) Your job function Corporate management
Manufacturing engineering
Manufacturing production
Product design / RD
Quality control / Assurance
Factory automation
Making / Sales
f.) Tel”G ext.
g.) Fax”G
h.) E-mail”G
i.) Web site”G
j.) Address”G
k.) What is your time-frame for this purchase? Within 3 months
Within 6 months
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m.) I'd like to receive new product information by e-mail.
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a. Spindle series
Belt driven milling spindle
High speed direct drive spindle
High speed motor spindle
Turning center spindle
Grinding spindle
Drillig & tapping spindle
b. Annual quantity Sets
c. Transfer Belt Direct drive Motor
d. Max. speed / rpm

4,500 6,000 8,000 10,000 12,000”@ ”@”@ 15,000 18,000 20,000”@”@”@”@”@”@”@ ”@”@”@”@”@”@ Other

e. Tool interface BT(MAS) CAT(ANSI) SK(DIN) ISO ”@”@ ”@”@ #30 #40 #50 ”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@ Other
f. Belt of pulley 8YU 5GT HTD P-C P-V Groove Tooth: T Other
g. Spindle nose A2-4 A2-5 A2-6 A2-8 Non
h. Spindle position FANUC MITSUBISHI Proximity switch ”@”@”@”@”@ Encoder Non
i. Collect Jaw collect Ball(BT)
j. Spindle cooling Liquid cooling Non
k. CTS Coolant through spindle Non
l. Preload Rigid Spring
m. Sensor Sensor Non
n. Motor power / KW KW Non
o. Now, you buy spindles from domestic market from out sourcing (Country of”@origin: ) made in your plant.
Customer's design is most welcome. Please send your detailed inquires with above index page and all relevant dimensional drawings completely as soon as possible for immediately design & offer!