Inquiry Form - Ball Screw
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b.) Company character Manufacturer
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d.) Name
e.) Your job function Corporate management
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g.) Fax”G
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a. Shafe Dia. / Overall length of shaft mm
b. Lead mm
c. Direction of helix Right Left
d. Total length of thread / Total length of shaft


e. Accuracy (e300=?) mm
f. Accuracy grade C0 C1 C2 C3 C4 C5 C6 C7 C8 C9 C10
g. Preload Kgf
h. Target T value-Basic accumulated lead mm
i. Torque Kgf-cm
j. Material of Shaft
k. Material of Nut
l. Diameter of Nut mm
m. Length of Nut mm
n. No. of Nut Single Double
o. Type of Nut / No. of Circuits
Internal:  Circuits
External:  Circuits
p. Flange Nut
1)Type of screw ”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@ ”@ Through, pitch ”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@ Ball bearing cap”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@ Other
2)Holes of screw on flange nut ”@”@”@”@”@”@ ”@ holes.
3)PCD of screw hole: mm
q. Ball Dia.
r. Dynamic Load Kgf
s. Static Load Kgf
t. Wipers Yes No
u. Ambient temperature Ordinary ; Max
v. Type of Machine
w. Ideal Price USD ”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@ EURO
x. For Inquired ball screws, you are now in house-producing buy locally from import from .
Please send your detailed inquiries with above index page, all relevant information completely and requested ball screw dimensional drawings as soon as possible for immediate design & offer!